Jojo’s Logos began as a way for us to print our own t-shirts for concerts. However, we soon realized that it was an amazing way to give to and support local artists who were struggling to make ends meet. We love live music and want to support it. First, we started by sponsoring Taylor Dee & Shots Fired. Since then we have gone on to create amazing designs for multiple bands, as well as last minute request for birthday parties, playoff games, or for items that some would say are vulgar or profane (for adults only!). Let us help you with your design and printing needs!!!

Jojo’s Logos is the official designer and producer of exclusive Merchandise for:

Taylor Dee & Shots Fired

Chad Roland

Cody Cresswell

What People Say

I love Jojo’s Logos!!! These guys are willing to put any custom design on any T-shirt, hat, sticker, coozie or any other thing you can practically think of with a fair price and quality results!!! Perfect for family reunions, business, bands and artists, birthday parties and every other event under the sun!

Chad Roland, Singer/Songwriter/Performer

“I want to remind you all to support local music. Buy merchandise. Buy albums or singles. Show up to shows. Tip people. Support support support. We cannot do any of this without your love and support! I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my people who have helped in HUGE ways… Amy Johnson-(basically everything- I owe her HUGE).  Jojos Logos for hooking up the awesome merch..” 

Taylor Dee, Singer/Songwriter/Performer

“I love everything I get custom made!”

Regan McClain, Loyal Customer

Let’s chat and create the perfect Design for your need!